Notario from Jerome, Twin Falls Idaho area indicted for Immigration fraud

Notario from Jerome, Twin Falls Idaho area indicted for Immigration Fraud.

One of the more notorious notarios, Celia Perez from Idaho has been indicted for several counts of mail fraud based on her  Immigration fraud activities. See story. There are probably countless victims stemming from her activities. If you have been a victim of this individual’s activities or a victim of fraud from a notario, you should consider consulting with an Immigration attorney to see if there is a possibility in assisting the government in the prosecution which in turn could lead to the possibility of the government assisting you in obtaining what is known as a U-Visa certification which opens the door to applying for U-Visa relief which if approved would allow you or your loved one to live in the United States with work authorization for four years. Most importantly is that after three years, the beneficiary of such relief can apply for his legal permanent residence from within the United States. U-Visa relief is potentially available to undocumented individuals who have been victims of certain crimes that have assisted in the investigation and prosecution of such crime(s), have suffered trauma from the crime(s) and there is a prosecutor or law enforcement officer that is willing to sign a certification confirming the assistance in the investigation. At this point in the prosecution, if you have been a victim of such fraud, an attorney can make contact with the federal prosecutor either to offer assistance on your behalf in the continued investigation and prosecution of the notario, or if you have been assisting with the investigation, approach the prosecutor to assist in filling out the required U-Visa certification. Please be aware that the prosecutor is not required to sign the certification and that is why it is advisable to hire an attorney to advocate for you to convince the prosecutor to fill in the certification and sign it. Please don’t hesitate to call our office to discuss U-Visa relief and whether you or your loved one may qualify for this benefit based on being a victim of the fraud perpetrated by Celia Perez, any  other notario or if you were a victim of violent crime in the past.