Civil Rights and Justice

Barrera Legal Group is committed to justice for all. Our firm serves as a voice for victims of discrimination, abuse of power and negligence and we will advocate for your right to be treated with dignity and respect by the police and while in law enforcement custody.  The police cannot abuse their power during an arrest and cannot mistreat inmates while in custody. If you are injured or mistreated by the police or injured because of abusive treatment while in custody the facility, city, and/or county may be financially liable.

Nikki Smith has handled and co-counseled with other firms on a number of cases involving jail abuse an law enforcement misconduct, including cases of Medical Neglect, Assault, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Sexual Harassment, and Understaffing/failure to monitor.

We at Barrera Legal Group provide representation in all of the following areas of Constitutional Law:

Medical neglect — Failure to diagnose and treat serious medical conditions and withholding necessary medication.

Assault — Beatings inflicted on inmates by jail personnel, failure to segregate violent inmates, failure to protect, and failure to respond to complaints of physical abuse or sexual assault.

Cruel and unusual punishment — Withholding food or medical assistance, excessive restraints, retaliation for reporting abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment, unauthorized punishment meted out by staff, and staged fights, etc.

Mental illness — Failure to protect emotionally disturbed inmates from themselves or predatory cellmates; failure to provide psychiatric care and suicide prevention measures.

Understaffing/failure to monitor — Failure to provide the mandated level of supervision under Idaho and Constitutional Law.

Police Misconduct- We also provide criminal defense with a special emphasis on civil rights violations that occur during police profiling, arrests and searches.

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