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Welcome to Barrera Legal Group. Our team is committed to providing aggressive representation in a wide array of legal representation including immigration, criminal, personal injury and family law cases.

Our attorneys have the years of experience gained from successfully representing clients before trial courts, appellate courts and administrative agencies you need to when your freedom and life are on the line.

Our attorneys are passionate about our clients and their cases whether we are defending a client against the government or in obtaining compensation from an accident.

Attorney John C. Barrera and his attorneys and staff pride themselves in giving straight, honest and detailed information about a client’s case. Whether the client can be helped or not, the goal is for the client to leave our consultations with a clear understanding of the legal situation surrounding their case.


The content of this website presents general information about Barrera Legal Group. Nothing on this site is intended to create an attorney-client relationship and nothing posted constitutes legal advice. To obtain legal counsel or legal services from Barrera Legal Group, you must first establish an attorney-client relationship with the firm. Until you do so and receive an engagement letter, you have not hired an attorney and have not become a client of the firm.

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